Fox Upfronts 2009 & A Little Glee Screeing  

Posted by MsCee

Glee (or shall I say Kevin?) at the 2009 Fox Upfronts. If you don't know what an upfront is, basically it's when big television networks allow marketers (advertisers) to buy commercial air-time "upfront" or several months before the season begins. Yeah...I didn't know that either. Thanks wikipedia :)

Anyway, let's cut to the chase. Kevin looks fabulous in this casual gray checkered suit. I really like the fact that he didn't button up the shirt underneath all the way and the necklace adds a bit of flare. You can see more details in the close-up. One thing i'm not too hot about are the shoes. They just don't match. Clearly they're a favorite of his, but you need the right outfit and at both the upfronts and at the Glee Screening (see last pic) those shoes just don't go. 

A pair of classic oxfords would've made his upfronts look a 10 for me and some hi-top converse or similarly styled shoe for the screening would've been much better.

Let's Begin: Glee's Inception 2009  

Posted by MsCee

I'm going to start back when Glee premiered and work my way up to the here and now. I hope you enjoy this foray into the best case of geek chic/nerd fashion I have come across thus far. I am by no means a professional (stylist or similar), but I do consider myself fashionable & sufficiently knowledgeable in regards to style. 

As always, however, fashion/style is in the eye of the beholder and one person's opinion certainly can differ greatly from another's and I do respect and understand that. I hope you enjoy!